James G:

One year ago today, I paid a visit to Vital Fitness (now Summit Strength & Conditioning) in Lakewood for my first personal training session with an inspiring presence named Tam. At the time, I weighed in at my lifetime heaviest of 221 pounds, had little stamina, and felt an unsettling garbage compactor sensation in the center of my chest whenever I did anything more strenuous than getting the mail. Today, I'm nearly 60 pounds lighter, my 32-inch waist pants fit comfortably, and nagging chest pains are a thing of the past. Thank you for helping me get my health under control, Tam. I couldn't have done it without you.


Corinne J:

Tam is awesome - works us hard, but is always there with support and kindness. Never judgmental, just an awesome ally.


Randy Wallace:

Feeling spent this morning after last nights training with Tam....thanks Tam for being the best at what you do.....love our training sessions - it hurts so good!


Janet Cox

Love work outs with Tam. She is the best.


Jean M

Another fantastic Friday with Tam in Pilates and Stretch & Conditioning. Feeling beautifully achy today in all the right places. Thank you Tam.....and I LOVE the T-shirt.


From my client,

Stephanie Anne Johnson

(Contestant on the Voice)
"Please check out and like the page of my personal trainer Tam Gronewold. If you feel uninvited to enjoying fitness, if you feel unworthy, if you don't feel as good about

your body as you'd like to call this woman.

She wants to help you learn to use

your body in ways that will help you.

You can do it. I believe in you."