I’m Tam Gronewold, proprietor of The Able Body Fitness and Personal Training.   My journey into fitness—and my whole fitness philosophy—began as a young girl.  I never fit into what some would call the ‘athletic’ mold. Bookish, somewhat round, and a born entertainer, I was neither graceful nor competitive. For some reason, this translated to “not physically gifted” in my mind. My very active childhood gave way to reluctant and self-conscious movement in my teens, and as an adult it seemed my mind became more and more detached from my body and the sense of myself as a physical being. But pain changes everything. Suffering through two herniated disks, scoliosis and degenerative disk disease as a young woman (a result, no doubt of my lack of physical conditioning) put me back in touch with my body—and not in a good way. The doctor strongly recommended surgery, but I chose a better path. 

After experimenting with a number of types of physical training—including hiring personal trainers to help me—I was defeated, sore, inept and convinced I needed to have major surgical reconstruction on my spine. 

But then? I discovered Pilates. 

With a fabulous instructor named Claire to lead me, I quickly learned three things: 


  1. It was NOT impossible to gain strength, grace and health. 

  2. A gifted instructor meets you where you are and can change everything you thought you knew about your own body. 

  3. I am GOOD at this!! 


I found the healthy connection between my mind and my body at last.


In the following years, as I gained strength and ability, I became interested in many other forms of exercise and how they can each contribute to the health and joy of a person. Deeply desiring to be the bridge that brings people into a relationship with their own bodies and into a love of fitness, I began my career.


  • 2010 I gained my Pilates instructor certification and began to teach classes, some of them to folks with special physical limitations, injuries or handicaps. 

  • In 2014, I earned my Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate from the National Exercise and Sports Training Association, (NESTA) with emphasis on corrective exercise.

  • Functional Training Specialist 

  • Dietary Consultant Certification from DOT Fit. 

  • Developed and teach  “Fit For Function” classes designed to help those dealing with injury rehab, obesity, mobility diseases or breathing issues gain core strength, balance, proprioception and confidence.  

  • Reembody Certified Apprentice 2017


 I love what I do—my clients are like family to me. Nothing brings me joy quite like helping someone to reach a goal that seemed so impossible just a short time before.  I have learned that I am strong, have grace and agility, and I appreciate my body for all that it can do. That is a win! And it’s what I want for everyone I work with—maybe you! Because EVERY body is an Able Body.


I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 10 years, working with individuals, small groups and Cardio/Strength classes. As a former girls soccer coach, I believe fitness should be both challenging and fun! My one goal is to safely bring my clients into a relationship with their bodies that includes enjoying their own strength, stability and wellness. I tend to be a
stickler for form and reliability because I desire for every client to get the utmost out of the time and money they invest in themselves. I develop personalized, functional programs for every individual—you will never get the same workout twice! My passion for family, faith and friends extends to each client. I love what I do!
My mission is for my people to get hooked on the awesome feeling of regular, intentional
movement—because Every Body is an Able Body!

Our Movement Coach

Trinity, our  Movement Coach is beginning to understand and perform her duties better and better everyday. 

She never fails to greet each class participant as they come through the door.  She is an equal-opportunity belly-rub beggar, and loves to chase folks around when they need a good run.  Also?  She leaves her "puppy confetti" everywhere to remind us all that she's thinking about us.