To my Able Body Family

Last night I worked diligently to put together a list of special procedures and practices that were to be instituted at the studio to keep everyone safe from the virus pandemic that we are all having to come to grips with in Washington State.

I wrote assuring you that every precaution would be taken to keep you safe and that we should continue to gather as usual and not panic. I did not send it.


Although I still believe that we should remain calm and look for joy and peace in this situation, I have changed my views on what my duty to you all should be. Having recently been hospitalized and seen first hand how the virus is stretching our healthcare system (and this is before the virus really hits Pierce County) and after reading this well-reasoned article (among others):

I have decided it is best to close the studio until further notice. This makes me sad, as I was SO looking forward to meeting with you—my clients, my dear friends. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY JOB??)

I think I could not live with myself if anyone were compromised because I was unwise or selfish, and—if I’m honest—I don’t think it is wise to risk my fragile health or that of my beloved husband at this time.


I am however, going to be hosting gatherings at the playground on Chambers Bay, where we can walk and even do some working out if weather permits! You see, the virus doesn’t spread easily outdoors and we can all keep a safe distance from one another there. All evidence points to fresh air and sunshine being quite effective in combating the virus. Trinity and I will be waiting for whoever wishes to come at 10am every morning, Monday through Friday. 


If you are a private training client, I am offering training sessions through FaceTime or Facebook video. I will contact each of you to work out details.

Please know I understand completely if you would rather wait until we can meet face-to-face- again.


I will be refunding studio fees for March. It will take one week at least for you to see the funds returned to your account. Hopefully, by April we will know more and can reassess the situation. 


Thank you Able Bodies, for your understanding and patience.


God Bless you!

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